Meeting of the minds

Students and faculty met Jan. 29 to discuss three alternatives to the Campus Master Plan and what they would like to see added to it.

All three alternatives had been previously described at a Jan. 6 meeting.

The first option proposes 14 academic buildings that would be “evenly distributed,” according to Mary Paula Schuh, director of campus space and planning. There would also be three new parking garages, more recreational fields and additional green space surrounding the central academic building. All the academic buildings would be located in the middle of campus.

The second option would have 13 buildings, with five new building clusters. Schuh said the buildings would surround Loch Norse and the campus would have five new parking garages. The walkways would be inside and an addition to the Albright Health Center would replace the softball fields. There would also be more recreational space.

The final option, Schuh said, has the most unconventional ideas. It proposed demolishing the Albright Health Center to make way for a new center. The lake would be closed in with a building and four new parking garages. There would be an elevated walkover from Johns Hill Road and more recreational space would be added.

The building would also contain three pools, six indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a track and field, a baseball stadium, a soccer stadium, five basketball courts and an indoor track.

Schuh said a study to improve the traffic on campus prompted a proposal to create a full interchange from I-275 to campus. She did note that there would be a lot of congestion toward the back of the university, but it would alleviate traffic from the front.

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