Two views; one decision

Both sides of the abortion debate met in the University Center lobby Jan. 22. Members of Northern Right to Life and Students for Choice met to commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

“I think it was a tremendous success,” Alex Kindell, president of Students for Choice, said. “We made people smile and their day better.”

“Students for Choice were just a couple of tables down from us, so there was a lot of good conversation today,” Marissa Caldwell, public relations representative of the NRTL organization said.

The Students for Choice passed out 100 “condomcakes,” cupcakes with condoms on them.

“You can’t go wrong with condoms and cupcakes,” Kindell added.

Steven Johns noted that he loved the cupcakes.

“You have two good things:good food and protection,” said Johns, a junior political science major.

On the other hand, NRTL handed out black armbands to students.

They chose the black armbands to “mourn the loss of the 4,000 babies a day lost to abortion,” Caldwell said. They also supplied paint to put a personalized message on each armband.

Although, the abortion debate is still one of the most charged issues that face the country she said she thinks there is some common ground between the two groups.

“We both don’t want it to happen. The biggest difference (between us) is that we recognize the life of the baby,” Caldwell said.