The Good, The Bad and The Weird

The Good

The Recording Industry Association of America suffered a defeat from a single mother The Register reported Jan. 17. The woman not only proved her innocence of file-sharing charges, but also is suing the RIAA to task for what she described as harrassment. She has already gotten her attorney’s fees from the RIAA.

The Bad

Police in North Dakota are now allowed to pull over anyone whose car has an out-of-state temporary tag, reported Jan. 21. In a 4-1 ruling, the supreme court of the state said that because officers were unfamiliar with motorists’ tags.

The Weird

A daycare worker in Ocala, Fla., was arrested after selling her cell phone, reported Jan. 20. The new owner of the cell phone called police after discovering a video of the daycare worker allegedly beating one of her charges. She, however, said that she was simply disciplining him.