NKU student found dead in apartment

A Northern Kentucky University student was found dead Sunday at his apartment in the Hidden Valley Apartment complex.

Computer- and electrical-engineering technology major Mahesh Subramannian, 20, died of undetermined causes. An autopsy is being performed to discover the cause. Police do not suspect foul play.

According to Dean of Students Matt Brown, Subramannian had family in the local area, though his parents live in India. Brown said that he came to America about four years ago to attend NKU’s College of Informatics.

Last semester he began a project with Prof. James Walden to test the security of the WiFi on the buses of the Transportation Authority of Northern Kentucky.

“He was smart and hardworking,” Walden said. “He was really able to go out and do things.”

Walden said that the last he’d heard from Subramannian was in November. The student said he was withdrawing from the projects to care for a sick uncle.

Scheben noted the same reason for Subramannian leaving the IMI, saying that the last time he’d heard from him was before the Christmas break. After that, Subramannian stopped responding to e-mails, Walden said.

The date of the funeral has not been set, as of Jan. 22. However, Subramannian’s remains will be shipped home.

Brown said that NKU isn’t planning any formal memorials.