More Weird: midget wrestlers, syphilis and frostbite

Fraternity recruitment wrestles with possible punitive actions

The Delta Upsilon Fraternity may face punitive action from Northwestern University for hiring the “one and only hardcore midget wrestling company” to help with signing up pledges, the United Press International reported Jan. 15. According to the article, the wrestling matches involve “staple guns, thumb tacks, broken bottles (and) trash cans,” and “the midgets bleed what little blood they have for your enjoyment.”

Columbus may have had problems with his seamen

Yahoo News reported that Christopher Columbus, who sailed from Europe to North America in 1492 and instituted the colonization of the continent, may have brought syphilis back to Europe with him, Yahoo News reported Jan. 14. Other theories, however, suggest that it was already present in Europe, but simply misdiagnosed.

Smoking cigarettes kills man by freezing him to death

The Daily News reported that a man in Winnipeg, Canada, froze to death after going outside for a smoke break Jan. 13. He was found at 4:30 a.m. in -20 degrees Celsius weather. He had been banned from his rest home’s smoking room for smoking too much.’sc=465