Christian: Be proud of faith

As a Christian student at Northern Kentucky University, I fear that many religious students are timid about bringing our spiritual beliefs into our fast-approaching careers. So far, spirituality has been neglected from our professional lives but professionalism exists in more than just the secular world.

Many Christians firmly stand behind their beliefs within their personal lives. This should be true for the professional lives of students as well. Christians take pride in their beliefs and the work that their beliefs have called them to do. A person who believes they are doing their job in accordance with God’s word seems more likely to do honest, reliable work than a person who just works to get through the week. According to Ryan Duffy of Career Development Quarterly, spirituality or religion can act as a driving force in many people’s career decision-making process.

A religious calling is a primary form of motivation. Many morals of Christianity maintain a constant progression toward fulfillment. Sacrifice, teamwork, courage, justice, honesty and integrity are virtues that successful business ventures require. Christianity in itself holds the capacity to support these virtues; the same virtues that any Greek on campus would claim to bear. Peter Redpath suggests that this is why business leaders are among the largest groups of church-goers in the United States. The beliefs of all religions are accepted in America and in its business institutions. Students should not have to hide behind their entry-level r’eacute;sum’eacute;s to prove what good workers they are.

I am not suggesting that everyone have something to believe in, but instead for those who believe in something to not be afraid to let it show.

Brian Simmons sophomore geography