Winter vacation extends to Jan. 14

Students this year can have something exciting to look forward to as the semester comes to an end – and it’s not just presents.

Winter break has been extended an extra week.

Students will still attend classes for the same amount of time during the spring semester, according to Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Zebulun Davenport.

“This won’t impact the time students will be in classes. It will still be the same number of weeks.”

Northern Kentucky University is mandated by the state that students be in class for a certain period of time during both semesters, Davenport said.

Therefore, students will still attend the same 16 weeks of classes, just like the fall semester.

The extra week is to give construction crews more time to work on the Bank of Kentucky Center, so NKU doesn’t compete with Derby Day for spring commencement.

It was also changed “to avoid conflict if individuals at state levels wanted to attend the Bank of Kentucky Center for commencement or other events,” Davenport added.

Kim Taylor, from the Registrar’s office, added that typically the holiday begins for students when the semester is over and ends the Friday before classes begin, unless they’re enrolled in a winter class.

Those students scheduled to take Winter Term classes will not be impacted by the construction taking place.