Student diversity on rise

According to the department of Institutional Research, 87 percent of students enrolled in Northern Kentucky University in 2006 were non-Hispanic whites. However, the Northern Kentucky University student minority population is increasing.

“The constant goal is to successfully recruit students from under-represented populations,” Dean of Students Matt Brown said.

Carmen Myrick, assistant director for admissions, said, “We’re seeing outstanding overflow (in minority students). NKU is the talk of the town.”

Nonetheless, NKU is still working to recruit minority students. One way is by hosting receptions or events such as the Multicultural Visitation Program, which was held Dec. 1.

Myrick chooses students to help her with recruiting efforts, because potential students are more likely to connect with someone from their age group, she said.

Once the students are enrolled, other departments work to retain them.

Cynthia Pinchback-Hines, associate dean of African American student affairs and ethnic services, said, “We do the things that make them want to come back next semester. We keep them engaged academically and are supportive.”

Pinchback-Hines said her staff also works to encourage students to come to NKU.

“The staff goes to college fairs to market and recruit,” she said, adding that the department of African American Student Affairs does not recruit by itself, preferring to work with the admission office.

Pinchback-Hines compared the department to a clearinghouse. If a student has a problem they can come there for help.

Brown said it’s a place where they can go and get re-charged. “I stop by there and see ten to a dozen students hanging out,” he said.

NKU R.O.C.K.S., which stands for responsibility, opportunity, community, knowledge and success, is offered to first year black students.

It is designed to help with their transition from high school to college. The program offers tutoring, study groups and African American sections of University 101.

Jyreika Guest, junior, theatre major, said at the MVP, “You can make it small, you can make it large, but you can make a change to the world everyday.”