More Weird: Semen, bathrooms, toads and much more

A New York man who donated sperm may be ordered to pay child support, reported Dec. 3. The man donated the sperm in the late 1980s to a co-worker and her female partner. The mother’s attorney states the man has acted like a father to the child, who is now 18 years old and even put his name on the birth certificate.

Three out of 49 samples of ice-cubes from Chicago fast-food and casual-dining restaurants and hotel bars contained fecal matter, reported Dec. 2. The Sun-Times initiated the research and had a government-certified laboratory perform the tests on the samples. The Sun-Times also reports water taken from a men’s toilet at the Sun-Times was found to be cleaner than ice in 21 of the sampled restaurants and bars.

A Kansas City man was charged with possessing a controlled substance for a toad he intended to use to get high, reported Dec. 3. The Sonoran Desert toad’s venom contains a hallucinogen that once dried, can be smoked to get high.