More Weird

A Washington state man has been arrested for allegedly killing a man by tying the man to the back of a pick-up truck and telling a 17-year-old boy, who was unaware the man was tied to the truck, to drive off in the truck, reported Nov. 27. Prior to being killed, the victim, who was an Eastern Washington University student, had threatened eight people at a campsite with an axe, police said. ———————————— A South Dakota town is considering renaming a street in town named Hooker Street, reported Nov. 27. Some residents feel the name of the town isn’t family-friendly and is offensive. ———————————— A waste truck traveling through Virginia spilled poultry fat on a 20-mile stretch of roadway after a valve on the truck had been left open, reported Nov. 27. Not only did the animal fat cause a smelly mess, but it also caused at least four car wrecks. ———————————— A Fort Collins, Col. Judge has ordered police to give marijuana back to a couple arrested for possession of the marijuana, reported Nov. 27. At least 39 plants were removed from the couple’s home after the plants were spotted by police who went with child welfare workers to the home.