SGA passes diploma resolution

The Student Government Association passed a resolution to add an international twist to attaining a degree at Northern Kentucky University.

At its meeting Nov. 26, SGA passed the “Diploma Resolution,” which requests funding to allow diplomas to have accent marks and be available in other languages.

The resolution states that International Student Affairs conducted a survey that showed many students were interested in having their diplomas available in another language.

Kelly Sirk, vice president of public relations for SGA, said she would like to see this implemented for the May commencement. She noted that it would be too difficult to try to implement for the December commencement.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Sirk said. “I know I would want that option if it applied to me.”

Also, SGA had the first reading of the “Cash-to-Card Resolution,” which recommends the university put a cash-to-card machine, which allows students to put money on their All Card, back in University Housing.

Currently, there are only cash-to-card machines in Steely Library, the resolution stated. Students can also add money by going to the All Card office or online.

The resolution noted many students do their laundry late at night or on the weekends in buildings without the machines.

Sirk said she agrees with the resolution.

“I think it’s great and very convenient,” she said.

During the meeting Nov. 19, SGA also read two other resolutions.

“The Club Sports Resolution,” asks President James Votruba to give an additional $25,000 to fund club sport organizations.

It states that there has been a 10 percent increase in student enrollment since 2002, which represents approximately 1,000 more students who may be interested in club sports.

The other resolution is the “Health Insurance Resolution,” which asks the university administration to expand student health insurance. It stated that the new options would be beneficial for students so it could fit their particular health needs.

Both resolutions were passed unanimously.