New director at home in housing

Peter Trentacoste removed the word “interim” from his title Nov. 27 when University Housing named him as its new director.

He took over the position after Matt Brown became dean of students in June 2007. Trentacoste had previously been the University Housing associate director.

Trentacoste said that he is thrilled with the promotion during what he considers an “exciting time at NKU.”

He said that he has never had a permanent internal promotion before.

Brown said Trentacoste was an unamious choice and stood out above the other candidates. He added that Trentacoste has “really excelled and his colleagues are very pleased he got the position.”

Wayne Centers, director of Kentucky and Commonwealth halls, agreed with Brown.

“I’m extremely excited for Pete and our department,” Centers said. “Pete has been an asset, his spirit and innovation will bring our department to the new level.”

Kelley Woods, University Suites hall director, is also excited about Trentacoste’s new move.

“As my supervisor for the past two years, Pete has become a real mentor to me,” she said. “His passion for serving students is really evident in the many things he’s done during his time at NKU and I know he has many great ideas that will help our department continue to grow and carry out the mission of the university.”

Brown said that, as the new director, Trentacoste might face challenges such as the prospect of Lakeside opening as a dorm in the fall of 2008.

Speaking from his own experience, Brown had this advice to offer:

“When you get in a director position it’s easy to lose that everyday touch with students.” He added that its absolutely critical that he keeps in close contact with students.

Trentacoste said when it comes to the current state of the residential staff, he doesn’t want “change something that is not broken.”

“Having a good campus base is important