Hot Seat

The Northerner would like to introduce the “new” look of the Hot Seat, as it has had a facelift from previous Hot Seats. This week’s guests are senior women’s soccer player Cara Alldred, senior women’s basketball player Angela Healy and junior men’s cross-country runner Zach Koehler.

Photos from NKU’s Sports Information

Cara Alldred

Favorite NKU professor: Dr. Proctor

Favorite politician (if any): Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Cincinnati-style chili: I hate Skyline

Favorite band or musician: Jack Johnson

Favorite pro sports team: Cincinnati Bengals

Angela Healy

Favorite NKU professor: Dr. Noblitt

Favorite politician (if any): None

Favorite Cincinnati-style chili: Skyline!

Favorite band or musician: Rascal Flatts

Favorite pro sports team: Cincinnati Bengals

Zach Koehler

Favorite NKU professor: Professor Cate

Favorite politician (if any): Jerry Springer

Favorite Cincinnati-style chili: Gold Star

Favorite band or musician: The Beatles

Favorite pro sports team: Cleveland Indians