Bible needs another look

I understand why School of Evangelism Director Jason Storms came and spoke to us; he feels he has to save us. That’s great and all but his approach and his message are not exactly appealing. He claims his message is from God and the Bible, but maybe his Bible is missing a few pages, or maybe he is not well versed in the scriptures. He said things that are his opinion, which contradicts the Bible. He said Jesus never drank or touched wine and that it is wrong to drink wine. Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding, where he turned the water into wine. One of the apostles told someone to drink wine to settle his stomach.

I also have an issue with them condemning gays and lesbians. I may not necessarily agree with that lifestyle, but I feel that they are real people with real feelings. You have to consider who really runs the economic system in the world – women and gay people. So, he can condemn homosexuals, but we know Jesus does not pay his bills, and he is not getting paid to stand on our campus. So he needs to get off his high horse and be reasonable and stop telling people they are going to hell.

Did you know that in all actuality, hell is not a literal place where people go to burn? In the Bible it was referred to as the grave. In that case we are all going to hell, because one day we will all die. Freedom of speech is encouraged, but persuasion is a whole other ball field. His whole credibility is shot with me just because I know he is contradicting the Bible. All I ask is that next time he sets foot on our campus, he needs to come humble and educated, or he should not come at all.

Desha Elliott freshman pre-business studies