Students counter-display School of Evangelism

In response to the School of Evangelism preaching no sex, impure thoughts or masturbation before marriage on campus, a group of student groups voiced their opposition Nov. 19 on the university plaza.

Common ground and Pagan Student Association were just two of the groups that protested outside of the University Center. The group held signs that said “It’s natural to love yourself and yes I mean masturbation,” and “Atheists are people too. We think, we have values, we care and we love.”

“We all just kind of came together with all positive messages,” said Chris Walker, sophomore anthropology major.

The group planned to hold their signs until 2 p.m. and have no plans on coming back.

Walker added the group “may pop back up if another group comes back and tells us we’re going to hell.”

Junior Michelle Franklin agreed with the message the students were sending.

“I think it’s a good idea. (The school of Evangelism) was out of line, we always have a choice and we choose what we want to do,” she said.

The members of the School of Evangelism visited Northern Kentucky University twice in Novemeber preaching their message to students on the plaza.