Smokers have rights too

I write in response to the viewpoint of Lori Mangan regarding the Clean Air Act. I find like many of us who smoke that it has come time to take a stand. If the university furnished a sufficient number of smoking areas with receptacles, much of the ground litter would be reduced. What about the Federal Clean Air Act that reduces tractor trailer truck emissions by less than 5 percent and eliminates the smog check on automobiles completely? This is the same act that does nothing to reduce pollution of aircraft, trains, ships, factories and coal burning power plants. I am she walks to school and boycotts stores that receive or make deliveries in trucks or trains. If she doesn’t, she surely drives an electric car, burns candles for light or uses solar power for her electrical needs. I am 69 years old and a student. I have engaged in nine different military combat operations and will fight to protect this young lady’s right to voice her opinion, but face it, I expect her to protect my rights and freedom of choice also. I find that the compulsion to control other people’s behavior to be a mental illness as I do any other compulsive behavior. Maybe as this young lady ages she will learn another behavior called compassion. She may find out that a few of us have been advised to smoke for medical reasons. James E. Mathes Post-Baccalaureate International Studies