STAR hosts annual dialogue

Students Together Against Racism presented the 11th annual Dialogue Against Racism in the Eva G. Farris Auditorium Nov. 7, allowing students to speak about how racism affects Northern Kentucky University.

Along with STAR, students from Afro-American Studies 100 delivered speeches on racism. Other organizations presenting included Black United Students, Black Men’s Organization, Education Development in Unity Coalition (EDU), First Nations and Jobs with Justice.

“The American media is a large supporter of creating and perpetuating stereo-types,” said Henry McCormick, a freshman majoring in computer science. “BET shows blacks as simple and violent.” McCormick, a student in Afro-American Studies 100, said the media has the ability to define behavior because it controls the images of the group that is victimized. He added that the images have been portrayed in cartoons and artwork, and that this still occurs today.

Kanita House, Black United Students’ president, spoke about an incident involving a noose hung from a tree at Indiana State University. The incident took place Oct. 25, with officials investigating the scene for the possibility of a hate crime, according to the Associated Press.

“Most people feel disrespected,” House said. “Also, our heritage was disrespected.”

Gloria Young, EDU coordinator, used the dialogue to promote her group to recruit others to join organization. EDU addresses racism in Covington and tries to stop racial profiling. EDU is also attempting to prevent the city from buying out the poorer homes to make way for more expensive houses.

“We need discipline, not threats,” Young said. “We need love, not gifts.”

STAR noted through a Power Point presentation that the forum wasn’t a theatrical performance, but rather the chance to: -Sign up for a committee (this requires true dedication). -Talk about issues openly with peers. -Become an advocate for issues that concern you. -Be aware that these issues will not be resolved overnight.

The Dialogue Against Racism came about as part of former President Clinton’s One America In The 21st Century: The President’s Initiative on Race, ? which was implemented in March 1998. Clinton said the US was founded on the notion that we are all created equal but this has not always been practiced, according to the One America Dialogue Guide.