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Community mourns student’s death

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During her life, freshman Samantha Spade was cherished by those who knew her for her kind nature and her devotion to God, as evidenced by the outpouring of love and affection posted on her wall and the group called “God Bless Samantha Spade” on

Spade died in a car accident. Nov. 3 near her hometown of Glencoe, Ky. Police suspect the crash was caused by a drunken driver. No charges have been brought against the individual at this time.

“She was one of the most wholesome people I have ever met,” said Chaz Clark, an undeclared freshman who had known Spade since 9th grade. “She was our school valedictorian. She had a bright future; she never judged anybody.”

Senior Tony Cobb, a theatre major who met Spade at the Baptist Campus Ministry this semester, described her as “caring and genuine in how she dealt with people.” He added, “There were many times she let me just sleep on her couch for a while.”

Part of Spade’s future would have been earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Northern Kentucky University, which Clark said would have been the perfect profession for her.

“She worked in a hospice for almost a year,” he said. “She’d always tell stories about some of the people there, (and) talking with them.”

Cobb agreed nursing would have been a good profession for Spade “because of her care for people.”

Many of the people who knew her best are too upset to talk to The Northerner right now, but on her Facebook profile Spade described herself as someone who loves talking to and praising God, hanging out with friends, laughing and playing Ping-Pong.

Spade also loved hanging out at the Baptist Campus Ministry building.

“I love Christ and the fact that I am a Christian,” she said on her profile. “I love living on campus and being involved with the Baptist Campus Ministry!”

Cobb added that though Jesus was very important to Spade, family was also. “She loved her mom,” he said. “Her mom was her best friend. She loved people in general.”

Spade’s favorite quote on her profile, a verse from the Bible, now stands out as an accurate portrayal of who she was: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13).

Many students who will miss Spade say so on her Facebook wall, wishing her well and hoping to see her in the next life.

“I miss you and I wish you were here, but God needed an ANGEL!” wrote freshman Chelsea Rose Morley on Spade’s wall. “You are the best. Love you and I hope to see you in heaven! P.S. – Save me a seat!”

Junior Britney Blanford, Spade’s roommate on campus, wrote how she felt on the wall: “I love you Sam and will miss you dearly. There was no better person or a closer person to God in the world than you.”

Dean of Students Matt Brown got the call about Spade around 11 p.m. Nov. 3, and took action to get the information confirmed by UP.

Once Spade’s death was confirmed, Brown called the Health and Counseling Office, whose first concern became Spade’s roommate and other students in housing who knew her. Brown also spoke with Campus Minister Brian Combs, who is providing pastoral services for any students wanting to talk with a minister, Brown said.

Brown put in a request to Bursar Operations for a tuition refund to Spade’s family, and he is working to get her textbooks refunded at full price, if possible, he said.

Brown had not reached Spade’s family at the time of the interview, but was quick to add he is available for them any time, and that the university would have no problem waiting for her family to contact him.

“We try to work with the family on their own time,” he said. “When they’re ready to do that.”

Visitation will be Nov. 7 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Carlton Lowder Funeral Home in Warsaw, Ky. The funeral will be Nov. 8 at 11 a.m. in the Warsaw Baptist Church, which is located 106 W. High Street in Warsaw, Ky.

NKU students who would like to attend Spade’s funeral may go with the Baptist Campus Ministry, which will be driving to Warsaw, Ky. Contact Campus Minister Brian Combs at x5955 for more information.

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