The good, the bad, and the weird

The good

The town of Rabbit Hash, Ky., raised money for Richard Young, who co-owns the Rabbit Hash General Store with his wife. Young was diagnosed with stage four head and neck cancer, reported Nov. 3. The event included food, music and a raffle. Proceeds will help pay for medical costs.

The bad

A Westwood man and woman face child-endangering charges for allegedly allowing their children to live in “deplorable living conditions,” reported Nov. 4. Human and animal feces were found on the floor and bugs were found throughout the apartment, police said.

A Montezuma, Ohio, sister and brother are competing for the title of mayor of the small village, reported Nov. 2. The sister, who has been mayor for the past eight years, stated that her brother has never been to a council meeting and doesn’t appear to keep up on village issues.