SGA sets ballot for fall election

The Student Government Association will be conducting fall elections November 14 and 15 from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Students will be voting to fill 15 Senate seats and two Judicial Council seats.

Students can vote in the election on-line, on- or off-campus. Computer terminals in the University Center and Norse Commons lobbies will be available for voting from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. both days.

Students are free to “write in” candidates not listed on the ballot. Listed below are descriptions and pictures of the 19 Senate Candidates on the ballot.

SGA says it is dedicated to the betterment of NKU. The organization recently passed resolutions intended to enhance both NKU’s school spirit and campus life. These resolutions include the “Hockey Shuttle Resolution,” which will transport fans to and from select hockey games, and the “Campus Recreation Resolution,” which calls for a task force to examine the need for a new campus recreation facility.

The following information, is taken from the candidates’ applications.

Senator Candidates

Desha Elliot Pre-Business Studies major Feels that leadership and dependability are crucial to SGA. If elected, she will bring insight, humility and patience.

Cassandra Haynes Nursing major If elected, she will provide a voice for NKU’s students. In doing this, she will “bring forth concerns from any student about anything present on- or off- campus.”

Melissa Koppenhoefer Political Science major Possesses excellent leadership skills. If elected, she will bring an open-minded representation of the student body. She would work to solve NKU’s traffic congestion problem.

Pavel Romero Liberal Arts major Elected as senator in the 2007 spring SGA elections. If reelected, he will supply a diverse outlook and open-minded evaluation of concerns around campus. He feels that commuter students get overlooked by certain organizations and events, and hopes to raise awareness to get commuters involved.

Paul Myers Electronic Media and Broadcasting major Served as a senator from December 2003 to December 2006. He also currently serves on the Judicial Council. In the 2006 Spring semester, Myers served on the Student Rights committee. Said he will fight for the rights of students and improve the overall quality of this campus. He would also like to optimize food services and update materials in the library.

Matt Brosius Business major If elected, he would bring dedication, a good work ethic and a non-biased point of view to the Senate.

Daniel Roberts History major If elected, he will listen to the concerns of the students as well as help update the informatic and technological aspects of the university.

Erzsi Sleder Political Science major Is currently serving on the Student Rights Committee Chair and the Senate, bringing a lot of experience to SGA. If reelected, she will continue to make sure that the student body has a voice.

Megan Caddell Biology and Secondary Education major Brings an advanced knowledge of NKU and an unbiased perception to the ballot. She also possesses superb time-management skills, as well as a goal-oriented attitude.

Erica Conroy Graphic Design major Offers a “different” outlook. If elected, she will bring a respected opinion and great ideas to SGA.

Colin Klayer Entrepreneurship major Currently an SGA senator and chairman on the finance committee. When asked what he could offer as a potential member of SGA, Colin simply put “LOTS.”

Leigha Phelps Political Science major Offers reliability, respect and determination. If elected, she will bring organization, hard work and a sense of confidence to SGA.

Christopher Wallace Theatre major Offers an intelligent, logical and diverse perspective that is unbiased.

Allison Morris Public Relations major If elected, she will listen to the student body’s concerns and wants. She will represent what the students want in their Senate.

Chase Kendall Political Science major Takes great pride in the school and campus. He can offer himself as the student voice that betters our surroundings.

Brian Hils Mathematics major Offers a fresh face with new ideas and strong arguments. He stands by his beliefs, but is willing to admit when he is wrong.

Tracy Osborne Chemistry major Can offer time, ideas and hard work to make NKU a better and more suitable school.

Mike Schafer Construction Management major Served as a Student Government Senator for one year Has passed more than five resolutions in his past term. If re-elected, he will convey student opinions and ideas.

Jonathan Dodd Sports Business major Currently an SGA Senator. If reelected, he can continue to help deliver results to NKU students and make sure the student voice is heard.