Saw IV brings the pain

It’s that time of the year again. For anyone who has been following the hit movie series “Saw,” the latest 4th hit the big screens Oct. 26. I have to admit that when I heard that “Saw IV” had begun filming, I was disappointed. How could you writers resurrect the jigsaw killer? Well ladies and gents, “Saw IV” answers that very question.

With the talent of some innovative writers, the story picks up with the autopsy of Jigsaw. The movie goes into very graphic detail with the autopsy, so those who have a squeamish stomach should look away at this scene. A tape is found in Jigsaw’s stomach and an officer is called down to listen to the tape. It says: “My work will continue.”

This is quite evident when Sergeant Rigg (Lyriq Bent) discovers that he is being tested by Jigsaw. The story follows Rigg having to do the tests that Jigsaw set forth for him. In the meantime, two FBI agents studying Jigsaw begin to question Jigsaw’s ex-wife, believing she is withholding information from the police. As she reveals more about Jigsaw’s past, it becomes evident that his work is driven by more than his cancer.

All together the movie is packed with the awesome twists “Saw” has become famous for. However, I must say that if you go to a “Saw” movie, don’t go expecting great acting – expect gore. And “Saw IV” is chalked full of it. The traps in this installment are as spine-tingling as the previous ones. There is one guy who has to gouge out his eyes before a timer goes off and rips him limb from limb. Another character has to push his face against a mask of knives. The makeup is well done and the special effects are great.

The movie is in vein of the first, second and third movies. Looking closely at “Saw IV,” you’ll see aspects from the other films. Darren Lynn Bousman returned to the helm to direct the fourth movie after rumors that he would not do so. This helped the movie because it kept “Saw IV” in the same timbre as the previous flicks. Tobin Bell was spectacular as ever even, though he only appeared in flashbacks and voice-overs. I recommend paying the cash to see “Saw IV,” even if it is only to satisfy your own curiosity.