Art scholarship to relieve burden of supply costs

Pens. Pencils. Knives. Sketchbook. Canvases. Charcoal. Art paper.

They might not seem like much, but they do add up- sometimes up to $700.

During its meeting Nov. 5, Student Government Association President Alyse Bender announced her plan to offer art students a scholarship, which would aid in the high cost of art supplies.

The grants stem from art students approaching SGA about the amount of money they have to pay for supplies, Bender said.

Bender noted that she plans to implement the grants by spring 2008.

SGA also passed two resolutions, one to offer soft-serve ice cream and the other calling for more marquees on campus.

“The Dynamic Signage Resolution” requests the addition of interactive signage on campus, because there is no way to post events in highly traveled areas.

Bender added that though none have been set, some suggestions for the signs’ location have been in the residential village, the new student union and the entrance from I-275 onto campus.

The “Soft Serve Ice Cream Resolution” recommends the Food Service Advisory Committee put a soft-serve ice cream and yogurt machine in Norse Commons.

The resolution states the machine would cost $10,000 and the rising cost of housing would cover that within two years.

SGA also heard “The Mid-Term Resolution,” which suggests giving mid-term grades to all students. It also stated that many faculty members already distribute mid-term grades to their students.

However, professors are only required to give mid-term grades to freshmen.

Bender said the resolution would help students know where they stand in their classes.

SGA also tabled “The Health Insurance Resolution” for one week to gather more information before voting.