More Weird: Pickles, puppies and a free house

A Mich. man has received probation for allegedly assaulting his once-friend with pickles, reported Oct. 30. The man had helped himself to his friend’s pickles and his friend proceeded to tell him not to and that he couldn’t afford to feed everyone, police said. The man, angry at his friend’s comments, allegedly threw the friend onto the couch and assaulted him with two large pickles.

An Iowa hunter was shot by his dog, reported Oct. 30. The dog stepped on the shot gun and the tripped the trigger, shooting the man in the calf, officials said.

A 77-year-old Swedish man was carded while trying to purchase beer, reported Oct. 30. The man, who states he has been a customer at the store for 40 years, says he was so upset he left the store without purchasing the alcohol. The supermarket manager said it is store policy to card every customer since it is hard to guess ages.

A Penn. couple is offering a full refund to whoever buys their house, reported Oct. 30. The catch is that the buyer doesn’t get the refund until the couple dies. Also, if the buyer will take care of the couple when they are elderly, the couple will also give the buyer their retirement home in Arizona.