SGA proposes expansion of current health insurance program

With legislation introduced at its Oct. 29 meeting the, Student Government Association is considering a request to expand the current health insurance options for students.

The SGA’s “The Health Insurance Resolution,” asks the administration to expand the “Student Accident and Insurance Program” to cover things such as multiple doctor visits, hospital stays or surgery.

Alyse Bender, president of SGA, noted that the current system covers only doctor visits, and that the expansion would give students the options they need.

The resolution would request that President James Votruba examine the feasibility of offering more student health insurance options and, if possible, expand student health insurance to include two or more options for students to choose from.

Kelly Sirk, vice president of public relation for SGA, said the current health insurance hasn’t assisted her too much.

“From my experience, it’s not much of an asset