SGA passes Wi-Fi, grants resolutions

During its meeting Oct. 22, Student Government Association passed a resolution to bring Wi-Fi to the Residential Village along with two other resolutions both affecting the amount of green on campus: recycling and money.

A second resolution paased was the “Wireless Internet Resolution” would recommend that Wi-Fi be available to the Residential Village in its entirety. According to Liz Osborne, senator of SGA, the need for wireless Internet in the dorms has been brought up at the Pizza and Politics meetings.

The “Retention Resolution” which recommends that $25,000 be allotted to need-based grants.

Katherine Meyer, director of Student Retention and Assessment, said that this is a one-time award for students in unusual circumstances. She gave the example of a student who had trouble paying tuition for the rest of the semester after the death of her mother. She received a grant to aid with tuition.

The requirements, according to the resolution, to receive aid are: