Issues rise from SGA’s pizza talks

After a successful first meeting, the Student Government Association held its second Pizza and Politics meeting Oct. 17 in the second floor of the University Center.

The turnout was approximately the same as the Sept. 24 meeting when 10 students attended and the location made the meeting a little more difficult to conduct, but it proved once again that Northern Kentucky University students like having a say in what goes on around them.

The open-forum-style meeting allowed students to call out issues they felt were important, and SGA members either explained what they knew about the situation or wrote it down to be looked into.

SGA President Alyse Bender said she thinks the meetings are definitely working. “If we have five students or 20 students, we’re still getting to hear what they want.”

Bender said every meeting, no matter how many students show up, is successful, because SGA is still getting suggestions for improving campus life for everyone and ideas they may not have thought up themselves.

Some issues discussed this month were: