Bookstore ignoring soccer

I recently went to the campus bookstore in hopes to pick up a sweatshirt, long sleeve T-shirt, hat, cap to help support the Norse Men’s Soccer Team. I could not believe that the bookstore had nothing but a mug and one t-shirt supporting Norse Soccer. I approached the bookstore manager and asked why there was no apparel supporting soccer. His response was, “We didn’t know they were going to be that good.” I was floored! I didn’t quite understand the answer he gave. I informed him the team will be ranked No. 1 this week and that the women should bump up to a top eight ranking. I don’t understand why there is very little support for the soccer teams in the bookstore. Someone help me figure it out please. The bookstore should be aware of how our sports teams are doing. GO NORSE SOCCER!!!

Alvin Quiogue, Senior Liberal Arts Major