The Good, The Bad and The Weird


The Cincinnati organization Operation Ceasefire celebrated its anniversary with a “Stop the Gun Violence Festival” in Avondale, reported Oct. 6.


Hamilton County’s infant mortality rate is 1.5 times higher than anywhere else in the state of Ohio, reported Oct. 7. The death rate in the year 2000 was 14 out of 1000, compared with eight in 1000 in the rest of Ohio and seven in 1000 in the rest of the country.


A Marysville, Ohio woman has had three children born on the 2nd of October in three different years, the odds of which are about 7.5 in one million, according to a statistics professor at Ohio State University, reported Oct. 5. One child was born in 2003; one was born in 2006; and the latest child was born in 2007.