More Weird: A dollar a doughnut = 15 years in the slammer

An Idaho woman was told to remove her bra before she was allowed to enter a courthouse, reported Oct. 5. The underwire in her bra had set off a metal detector, but the woman stated she “wasn’t carrying a shank in [her] bra.”

A Pittsburgh man has been arrested for allegedly trying to pay for items at a grocery store with a counterfeit $1 million bill, reported Oct. 9. The man reportedly became irate after the cashier didn’t accept the bill, which most likely came from a religious organization that distributed similar-looking pamphlets last year, police said.

A Missouri man could get a five- to 15-year sentence for allegedly stealing a doughnut, reported Oct. 8. The man pushed an employee after the employee tried to stop the man from leaving the store with the stolen doughnut, police said. The man denies this, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, stating he never even got to eat the doughnut because he threw it away as he left the store.