Students responsible for dirty bathrooms

I have been employed at Northern Kentucky University more than 20 years and I have to admit, this year students seem to think that their mothers are here at school to clean up after them. Since the fall semester began, I have witnessed students eating lunch outside the cafeteria, getting up from their seats and leaving their garbage on tables and throwing their cigarette butts on the ground beside the ashtrays.

Yesterday, I saw a student dropping napkins onto a walkway, instead of throwing them in the trash. I also witnessed the physical facility staff working diligently to keep our buildings and grounds clean.

“The Poop Scoop” Sept. 26, was written with more concern about how big the stalls are and if the students could look at themselves in full length mirrors instead of getting to the real issue at hand: Who are the culprits writing those horrible things on the wall, throwing trash all around our beautiful university and showing disrespect?

It certainly isn’t the staff or faculty who are defacing university property. We are here to better the university. It is time for these individuals to grow up, show respect and be the adults who they are old enough to be and should be. The employees at NKU take pride in their hard work, and article such as “The Poop Scoop” was very insulting indeed. It’s time that other individuals take pride in the university, keep it clean and stop complaining about situations that they have created themselves.

Roberta Andrews senior program analyst