SGA passes hockey shuttle resolution

Despite concerns of the university paying to possibly transport intoxicated students to and from Norse hockey games, the Student Government Association still passed a resolution in support of a shuttle.

During its Oct. 1 meeting, SGA briefly debated the possibility of students drinking at the games and being brought to the university while under the influence.

Senators Adam Sandfoss and Curtis White brought up concerns about underage drinking and the possibility of a dry university giving intoxicated students a ride to and from games.

Although SGA wholly supports the proposal, it won’t sponsor the shuttle.

“Obviously there are concerns over safety and the legal issues of the university,” said Alyse Bender, president of SGA. “But NKU will not be responsible for anything that happens.”

The “Hockey Shuttle Resolution” states that it would transport students to the 12 Friday home games of the year. The shuttle would cost $200 for the 12 games. If Dean of Students Matt Brown approves it, it would be funded through the Programming Activities Grant.

Hockey is the fastest growing club sport at Northern Kentucky University and the shuttle would address some safety concerns because the games are played during the winter, Bender said.

She added that the shuttle would also help cut back gas prices for students and help promote school pride.

The hockey shuttle proposal was one of the three resolutions SGA passed unanimously. Another will add more banners to lampposts on campus, while the third stressed the need for more room for recreation. Both of which had their first readings at the Sept. 24 meeting.

The “Campus Recreation Resolution” outlines the lack of space in the current recreation center. For its physical education and recreation needs, NKU should have 126,417 assignable square feet, according to the document.

However, NKU has only 44,468 square feet available, a 184 percent deficit. According to the resolution, the deficit will climb to 432 percent by the year 2020.

Bender added that the campus needs a new facility, and NKU does not have enough space to accommodate all of its students.

With this resolution, SGA will ask President James Votruba to create a task force of faculty, staff and students to examine the need for a new campus recreation facility.

With the “Lamppost Banner Resolution,” SGA endorsed the placement banners on light posts throughout campus.

Bender added that this resolution would help show school pride and would also provide a warm welcome for new students.

Kelly Sirk, vice president of public relations for SGA, described the resolution as a combined effort of SGA and administration.

She said that if the campus administration approves, then the administrators would choose what to advertise and where to put the banners.