More Weird: Grandma gives birth to grandchildren and more

A Lapeer, Mich., Sheriff is offering to marry two alleged bank robbers, reported Oct. 1. The suspects are accused of robbing a bank to pay for wedding rings, rent and an attorney in the woman’s child custody case, the Flint Journal reported. “I’ll volunteer to marry them in jail if they surrender,” Sheriff Ron Kalanquin said.

Norristown, Pa. is now the home of a two-headed turtle, reported Sept. 30. The two-month-old turtle was formed from a set of conjoined twin turtles, which evokes the question: Is it really a two-headed turtle or are these two turtles trapped in one body?

A 51-year-old Brazilian woman gave birth to her own grandchildren- two twin boys, reported Sept. 30. Brazilian law allows only family members to be surrogate mothers and the woman’s daughter has no siblings, so after four years of the daughter trying, the mother volunteered to be a surrogate.

Artists built a hidden apartment in a Rhode Island shopping mall, reported Oct. 2. The apartment was located inside the mall’s parking garage. A police spokesperson said he was surprised at the accomplishment.