Doodle article irresponsible

I was severely disturbed by the article entitled “What to do-odle in boring classes” in your Sept. 19, issue of The Northerner. As a recent graduate from Northern Kentucky University, I understand the plight of many students who say they get bored in some of their classes.

Obviously we are not all going to be interested in every subject that our professors teach us. However, as a current NKU graduate student and a teacher of a University 101 class, I find it absolutely offensive that you would encourage students to sit in the back of the classroom and text message or play games on their phones and computers.

Have we lost sight of why we are in college in the first place? As an instructor I find myself thinking if you are going to sit in the back of the class and not pay attention, why even come to class in the first place? Why not stay at home and savor your precious time?

I have found that when others are playing games on their computers or texting during class it is incredibly distracting not only to the professor, but to their classmates as well.

One of my biggest concerns is that you would allow such an article to be published in a university-wide newspaper. These are not good messages to be sending to students. The role of the university is education, and that particular article clearly does not reflect that!

I picked up The Northerner to read the article “Remembering Dr. Weatherby.” He was a great man and will be truly missed. In browsing the rest of the paper and reading the “do-odle” article, I am reminded why I rarely read the newspaper anymore!

Sarah Christen first-year graduate program teaching