Chase strives for diversity

The Chase College of Law held its first Diversity Day Sept. 29 in an effort to attract prospective law students with diverse backgrounds and talk to them about what Chase has to offer.

Attendees were treated to personal experiences by a panel of current law students and offered tips by current faculty and personnel, such as Sherry Porter, director of Chase Student Affairs and Lisa Moore, director of Career Development.

The highlight of the event, apart from the steaming lasagna and spaghetti offered for lunch, was Professor Sharlene Lassiter’s opening speech. Students were encouraged to participate in her example of what a typical Chase class period might be like.

Lassiter asked them to define a simple abstract – the intricacies of law. That request turned into a 30-minute long discussion.

Jerome Johnson, who attended the event with his family, was impressed not only by Lassiter, but also by the trio of students who engaged in a question and answer session with all of the attendees.

“You can tell they love the school,” Johnson said, adding he found the students’ enthusiasm to be a major positive for Chase.

Another prospective student, Michelle Haddad, hadn’t considered Chase a “promising candidate” compared to other schools she was looking into – including Harvard. But, after hearing what the speakers had to say, she admitted that Chase was firmly back in the running.

“This is a law school that makes you think,” she said.

Ashley Gray, director of Admissions at Chase, said that a second Diversity Day will be held in the spring so that those who were unable to attend Saturday’s event will have another opportunity.