SGA approves mile marker resolution

The Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution to place mile markers throughout campus.

The “Mile Marker Resolution,” which will request funding for the establishment of mile markers on campus, states that Campus Recreation doesn’t have enough equipment to cater to all their facilities and released a map showing quarter mile, half-mile and mile loops on campus. However, none were labeled.

Kelly Sirk, vice president of public relations for SGA, added that this resolution is a “great way for students to be able to exercise and a way to utilize their breaks in between classes.”

SGA also had the first readings of three other resolutions.

The second resolution would put banners on lampposts on campus. SGA wants to re-establish banners on lamp-posts to increase school pride and advertise NKU’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

However, the resolution states it will be up to the university as to what it wants to advertise, whether it is an event or just showing school pride.

“It’s worked in the past and it can work in the future,” said Mike Tobergta, a senator in SGA.

The third resolution was the “Campus Recreation Resolution.” It would express SGA support for the need to expand of the Campus Recreation Center, which is a part of the Campus Master Plan. The resolution stated that more students would use the new building because of its location.

The fourth resolution was the “Hockey Shuttle Resolution,” which would transport students from campus to NKU hockey games. Some members of SGA suggested using the shuttle for just home games on Friday, since that night has higher attendance.

“It’s giving people transportation to the fastest growing athletic event on campus,” Tobergta said.

Tobergta added that the shuttle is a great way for students to save gas money.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to come together,” he said.