More weird

A Minnesota man has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly ripping off a duck’s head at a hotel, reported Sept. 24. The duck was swimming in a pond located near the hotel when caught it and proceeded to tear its head off, witnesses said. It is believed this was an alcohol-related incident, authorities said.

A 900- pound Michigan man had to be removed from his home via a forklift, reported Sept. 20. Firefighters cut a hole in the house to remove the man after his nurse called rescue workers, authorities said.

A Maryland woman is being charged with child abuse for allegedly throwing her baby at a police officer, reported Sept. 18. The woman is accused of throwing the baby at the officer after authorities entered her home and told her they were arresting her on drug charges, police said.

An Idaho man was charged with failing to notify a police officer of a traffic accident after he allegedly wrecked due to a man and woman having sex in the back of his SUV, reported Sept. 19. The man said the man and woman’s movement made the vehicle “tippy,” police said.