Ministry behind mystery boards

The ambiguity behind the Love/Hate boards has been explained.

At a luncheon in the University Center Ballroom Sept. 18, the Baptist Campus Ministry (BSM) unveile it was the anonymous organization that created the Love/Hate blog and put up the large white boards on the UC Plaza.

The BSM waited to release its involvement until after the boards were taken down so they could get responses from all students, not just students interested in religious organizations. It wanted to take the pressure off the posters, said Katie Goins, an intern with the BSM.

One of the things the BSM wanted to do with the Love/Hate campaign was change the perception of Christians and Christianity.

“A lot of people are raised with a perception of what church should be and that’s not what it has to be,” said Brian Combs, campus minister at Northern Kentucky University, said.

Instead of preaching, the BCM want to use the feedback provided on the boards, the blog and the verbal comments made in the luncheon to build better relationships with students.

Combs said the change starts with students taking responsibility for themselves and the people they come in contact with every day. He called it their “sphere of influence.”

The Love/Hate campaign will continue into October, when the BSM will team up with ECOS to raise awareness for water conservation. The two organizations will be raising funds for clean drinking water in Rwanda. Combs said they will also be planning other events based on the feedback they have received so far.

The BSM has meetings at 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of each month at the Baptist Student Union. Combs said that all students are invited to attend and provide comments.

The Love/Hate blog is still in operation and can be found at