Chartwells installs new safety program

The university’s food service provider, Chartwells, has put two new safeguards in place after a software glitch caused a charging delay for customers.

The system will now notify Ed Devoid, senior director of dining services for Chartwells, when there is a “batching” issue. At the end of each day, the operating system “does a batch” or sends all transactions for the day through to patrons’ bank accounts. Devoid said the system will now send a warning if a “batch” isn’t sent correctly.

“Now we’ve put in that extra step,” he said.

The second safeguard now in place is a daily e-mail to Devoid from the Chartwells corporate headquarters ensuring money is deposited into the bank.

After the Aug. 10 incident, which charged patrons’ bank accounts for all charges from May to August, Director of Business Operations Andy Meeks suggested Chartwells take further steps to ensure such an event wouldn’t happen again.

About 40 students were hit with banking overdraft fees because of the withdraw. All of the patrons were either reimbursed for the overdraft amount or the bank cancelled the fee, according to Devoid.

“What happened can’t happen, until it does happen,” Devoid said. “Now that we’re double checking it’s less likely