WTF? Green space on a gray campus in a red hot summer

When the weather is plagued with 101-degree temperatures, it’s hard on more than humans. According to the National Gardening Association, it is almost impossible for plants to survive repeated exposure to such harsh conditions.

This summer’s record-breaking heat wave set in just as classes resumed, but instead of having class schedules on their minds, some students were gawking at the thriving landscaping.

Jesse Burroughs, a junior criminal justice major, thinks the landscaping has looked good so far. “I’ve been really impressed that the landscapers have been able to keep the flowers alive in the drought and heat but I miss the peppers and cabbages from last year,” Burroughs said.

Students living on campus are familiar with this fall’s exotic theme in the housing circle. Art, theatre and music majors are aware of the addition of several trees to the back entrance of Fine Arts building and efforts to keep it green. Still more students are noticing the healthy grass