Virginia Tech remembers tragic shooting

Staff Editorial

The Collegiate Times (Virginia Tech)

(U-WIRE) BLACKSBURG, Va. — “Ut prosim,” that I may serve, and Virginia Tech’s motto has hit especially close to home in these past few months following the tragedy that occurred on April 16.

In the immediate aftermath, and even months later, students stepped out, showing the world true Hokie spirit, and true resilience in times of crisis. Virginia Tech was, and continues to be devastated by this tragedy. In our time of need, the world reached out in an attempt to come to our aid. The countless donations, and prayers offered up for the Hokie community during those long, solemn days, are gifts that we will forever be grateful for.

Now think back to Aug. 29, 2005, when the city of New Orleans was facing their own tragedy. Hurricane Katrina flooded the city, creating catastrophic disaster and taking the lives of thousands. In their time of need, two Virginia Tech students journeyed south to Louisiana to serve those most closely affected by this disaster. These two students were Leslie Sherman and Ryan Clark, two of the slain victims in the Virginia Tech massacre.

According to, “Clark worked on a Virginia Tech volunteer team that came to New Orleans during Thanksgiving of 2005. Sherman came the following Thanksgiving.” Now the social awareness and love for humanity shown by these two individuals is being celebrated and honored through the construction of a special house, known as the “Virginia Tech House.” Montreal Farve owns this house, which will be reconstructed in the memory of the two Virginia Tech students who did so much for the community of New Orleans.

“Those two kids came here to help people like me. It’s terrible that their lives were cut off so quickly,” Farve said, in an interview with Worldwide Faith News. Farve was a former Peace Corp volunteer, a vocation that Sherman had expressed interest in during her trip to New Orleans. Building a house is the perfect way to memorialize the two students, taken from us all too soon.

The motto “Ut Prosim” is so engraved into the hearts of all Virginia Tech students. It only makes sense that the reconstruction of this house; the labor and the love will be dedicated to two people who truly represented service to others. The “Virginia Tech House” is a great idea because it preserves the memories of two exceptional individuals, who dedicated so much of themselves to service. It is also a thoughtful way for those touched by the lives of both Clark and Sherman, to show these two students’ families how much they really are appreciated and missed.

Tragedy is a difficult thing to accept and move forward from, and the cases of both New Orleans and Virginia Tech are no different. It is inspiring to see those still so paralyzed by disaster, honoring the memory of Virginia Tech students. The reconstruction of the Virginia Tech House is being financed by individual donations and Church World Service grant. Truly are appreciative of the outreach and support that continues to be shown, in order to honor the memories of the friends we lost. In addition, we continue to keep the families most closely affected by Hurricane Katrina in our hearts as they rebuild their community and move forward, while honoring the memories of those lost.