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The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.

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The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.

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Program to reduce schedule conflicts

Usually, talk about scheduling problems is paired with closed classes during enrollment times.

This time, Northern Kentucky University has had a different scheduling problem – student groups reserving rooms on campus, according to Amanda Steinbrunner, coordinator for conference management.

But a new online service, she said, may have fixed that.

Dubbed Space Scheduler, it allows people to review which classrooms are available and which can be reserved.

The “Instructions” link on the site takes a person step-by-step through the process of scheduling a space for meetings. The program has only been online since June, though in a limited capacity.

“Before you couldn’t see what was available, now you can see what is booked,” said Steinbrunner, who works on the Space Scheduler program.

All the rooms that are open for use appear on Space Scheduler with up-to-date schedules posted. Also, no longer will faculty and group leaders have to reserve rooms during scheduled hours.

With Space Scheduler, there are no restricted hours to conform to. Therefore, faculty and students can book a room from any computer at any time.

“Space Scheduler gives faculty and staff more control over their meetings or events. They can now look for available space, request a room and receive a confirmation e-mail that they can keep as a record of their reservation,” said Raechel Scarchilli, business systems coordinator and manager of Space Scheduler.

However, not everything about the program has been without its glitches.

Even with unlimited access to the program, event scheduling and support scheduling must be done at least three days in advance.

Not all classrooms on campus are on Space Scheduler, but soon all rooms available for meetings, along with the equipment located in the space, will be online. All outdoor locations and all University Center rooms are on Space Scheduler and more will be available soon.

Space Scheduler is also running slower than the program’s managers would like.

“We have tried a couple of solutions to speed it up, and are still working with the software company to make the speed faster,” Scarchilli said.

Problems with the old method, where one had to e-mail or call to reserve, led to Space Scheduler. For starters, the company that supported the old system is no longer in business. This led to what appeared to be no open spaces for booking when really there were more than enough spaces available.