Free your mind and the policy will follow

In response to the article “Dean Adds to Policy After Forum” about former Dean of Students Kent Kelso approving the new Free Expression Policy. As a student at Northern Kentucky University, I know that students feel strongly about the passing of the Free Expression Act because all students have different viewpoints that will be impacted by the new policy.

The Free Expression Policy’s revisions are realistic. All those opposed to the Free Expression policy should reconsider because students are still permitted to express an opinion.

In the article, it states that students are permitted to chalk on campus walkways. It also states “demonstrations or protests may be conducted on campus versus being restricted to outdoor areas.”

In all honesty, it is reasonable that students are able to gather and express an opinion about the campus in a fairly large range of places on campus, including the walkways that students use each day. Kelso was being realistic and concerned with campus safety when he made this decision. He stated that even though the policy “will never be able to define free expression perfectly,” it does give reasonable room to protest or have a demonstration.

A second reason that I agree with the Free Expression Policy is that there are minor changes to the old Free Expression Policy.

Those who disagree with the minor changes should be pleased by the fact that a lot has not been taken away and that we are still able to advertise or state an opinion. It is only reasonable that there will be some restrictions. But as Kelso stated, it is not much more than “a judgment call.”

In conclusion, I would like students and organizations that oppose the changes to the Free Expression Policy to take another look. Students are still granted a large amount of room to get their points across.

Granted, there may be more restrictions than in the old policy, but it is all in the community’s best interest in safety. If students comply with the new rules now, then maybe in the future more revision will be done to give them more leeway.

This is better than no right to express at all.

Katy Pence freshman psychology