Comedy troupe travels to NKU

Improvisational acting is when a group of people perform unscripted dialogue.

The Second City, coming to Northern Kentucky University Sept. 13, may be one of the best known acts specializing in this style of comedy.

During the last four decades, the troupe has kicked off the careers of successful actors such as Fred Willard, Bill Murray, Mike Myers and Steve Carell.

Josh Gruenke, the program coordinator for the Activities Programming Board, called The Second City a “launching pad for careers.”

The APB and Kids Voting Northern Kentucky are co-sponsoring the show. According to the Kids Voting USA Web site, the organization is “working to secure the future of democracy by preparing young people to be educated, engaged voters.”

The groups are operating together to raise funds and volunteers for the Kids Voting program in the area. Katie Herschede, a member of Kids Voting NKY, said the organization’s goal is to “instill the importance of voting before (kids) hit 18.”

Herschede said Kids Voting NKY chose The Second City to perform because a big act would help “friendraising.” NKU was chosen to host the event because the 18-24 age range is most marketable to the Kids Voting age group.

The Second City is a match for Kids Voting because they are purveyors of political satire, and the particular show at Greaves is called “One Nation Under Blog” – a performance of six actors and one pianist.

The Second City Touring Company is performing at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13 in Greaves Concert Hall. Tickets for the show are $5 for students and $30 for the general public.