9/11 memorial service no more at Northern

For the past five years Northern Kentucky University has commemorated the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy with memorial services and moments of silence. But this year, the day went by without official recognition.

“People are at a stage now where they can move past it,” said Chris Cole, the Director of University Communications. He noted that although the day will never be forgotten, there were no student groups or organizations that pushed for an official remembrance.

Student Government President Alyse Bender agrees that after five years, memorials are reserved for milestone anniversaries.

“The tragedy will always be in our hearts,” she said. “Students should take a few moments on their own to remember what happened.”

While the television and online media buzzed with photos of the crashing planes and leaping victims, many people chose not to participate in the commemorations.

According to the Associated Press, about 25 percent of Americans are choosing not to honor an official remembrance.

However, regardless of how students choose to, or not to, commemorate 9/11, the university’s Catholic Chaplain, Gilbert Rutz, said everyone should think about those still serving in the Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

“Everyone should take some time to pray for, honor and remember the men and women who are making the ultimate sacrifice so we can free,” he said.