Nunn Drive hot spot for tickets

Since January, the University Police have issued more than 188 tickets on Northern Kentucky University’s campus, with Nunn Drive as the hot spot with 32 tickets, according to reports.

Johns Hill Road and Campbell Drive also made the top of the list with 17 and 11 tickets respectively.

Kenton Drive and University Drive had less than five tickets issued since the beginning of the year.

According to Director of Campus Safety and Chief of University Police Harold Todd, tickets are usually issued during the evening. He also added that it is the officers’ decision where they choose to patrol.

The tickets were comprised of 15 DUIs, 60 speeding tickets, 38 criminal arrests, 7 warrants and 17 arrests were issued.

Todd said an average of 7.8 speeding citations are given on a typical week.

“We really don’t write that many (tickets) a day,” Todd said. He added that UP might stop five people a day, but issue only one ticket.

Todd said that if the officers don’t see people speeding for about 15-20 minutes, they will usually move and may watch a stop sign and radar a vehicle at the same time.

But there are ways to avoid those hefty fines and manage to get to class on time. Todd said to just go the speed limit and don’t get distracted.

“A lot of students may get distracted and not watch their speed,” Todd said. He added that one way to avoid this is to pace yourself with the car in front of you.

Another tip to avoid a speeding ticket is to not argue with the officer once pulled over, said Sergeant Mark Wilke.

A brochure by the Kentucky Crime Prevention Coalition said when an officer pulls a person over for a possible ticket, it does not mean they necessarily mean that person is guilty and has to pay a fine. The person has the right to go to court and have the judge hear their explanation.