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LONDON- Living fast and dying young has long been part of rock ‘n’ roll lore. And in this case, statistics affirm the image, according to a study released Tuesday. A study appearing in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health concludes that U.S. and British rock and pop stars are more than twice as likely to die a premature death as ordinary citizens of the same age.

NEW YORK- Last September, “Heroes” was just another new show hoping to find some viewers. Now, everyone’s asking what will happen when last season’s top-rated freshman series returns for season two. Some cast members who came to New York to tout the show’s DVD let slip a few plot turns.

NEW YORK- Four actors from “Grey’s Anatomy,” where Isaiah Washington was fired for anti-gay slurs, are featured in a new ad campaign preaching tolerance for gays and lesbians.

NEW YORK- An explosive device detonated outside a studio owned by “The Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli early Tuesday, damaging a van but causing no serious injuries, police said.

NEW YORK- Kelly Clarkson, who scrapped an earlier tour this summer due to slow sales, is heading back on the road this fall.

NEW YORK- Bob Woodward and Joan Didion are among those appearing in a promotional film for David Halberstam’s “The Coldest Winter,” the final book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist who was killed last spring in a car accident.

LOS ANGELES- “Halloween” was the top-grossing film this weekend, with an estimated $31 million in ticket sales. Eds: Final figures will move about 6 p.m. EDT.


CHICAGO- He’s on the golf course. She’s on the presidential campaign trail. If that wasn’t hard enough, when Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton points out to her spouse that she’s 15 years older than he was when he first ran for president, all she gets is tough love.

VENICE, Italy- “I’m Not There” is the first movie about Bob Dylan’s life that the singer-songwriter has ever given his blessing, the director said Tuesday at the Venice Film Festival.

VENICE, Italy- Nobody worry about me, says Bill Murray. He was just dropping off people after a party when he was stopped in downtown Stockholm driving a golf cart.

VENICE, Italy- Richard Gere and Charlize Theron added their voices to a chorus of stars taking swipes at the Bush administration at the Venice Film Festival.

VENICE, Italy- Brad Pitt, who plays Jesse James in his latest film, says being a celebrity in America today is not that much different from in the days of the legendary outlaw then and now there was all that hype.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden- The Swedish government will give $3 million to promote and preserve the works of Ingmar Bergman.