More Weird: Bugs, busts and balls


A man with no legs was cited for his third offense of drunken driving, reported Aug. 28. Another man was allegedly operating the gas and brake pedals for the man with no legs and was also cited for drunken driving, police said.

The buzz

A Walnut Hills woman was arrested for allegedly having, as police described, a home “terribly infected with insects of all shapes and sizes,” reported Aug. 28. The 19-year-old mom has been charged with child endangering for allegedly having her 7-month-old in filthy conditions after police say they found her apartment filled with garbage, bugs and drug paraphernalia.

Army gets its balls handed to it

Afghanistan parents were upset after the U.S. military gave soccer balls, with the names of Allah and Muhammad, to the Afghan children, reported Aug. 28. The Afghan people were upset because such sacred names were on a ball that would be kicked around. The U.S. military stated they “regret any disturbance that was caused in this case.”