Golf cart hits person on plaza

Due to an accident Aug 24, golf carts are now no longer allowed on Norse Plaza during the peak hours of pedestrian traffic.

According to police reports, an individual stated he was struck by a golf cart while walking on the plaza in front of Fine Arts.

He said was walking towards the University Center from Landrum when he felt something on his right heel. When he looked down, he noticed it was a golf cart, which was driven by a Chartwells employee.

The employee, Sheri Fry, stated she was transporting goods for Chartwells and was driving a golf cart on the plaza while there were a lot of students on the plaza.

The report states Fry said she had no way of signaling to the students that she was there and was driving at approximately the same speed as the students. Fry also stated that she struck the back of the foot/heal area of the male subject.

The subject was taken to the nurse’s office in the University Center and was advised to seek medical attention.

The report states that Chartwells now no longer permits golf carts to be driven on the plaza during peak times of pedestrian traffic.