Free speech worth cost

Staff editorial

We did it. The students who wouldn’t be hushed and simply dismissed; the faculty members who took a stand…we all did it.

Sometimes, we even felt the Student Government Association was against us. After all, they voted 14 to 10 last spring against chalking, something that last December’s revision would have banned.

Some of us, upon hearing the Board of Regents was changing the Free Expression Policy last December, assumed that changes were going to improve it.

For goodness’ sake, it had been 17 years since it had last been revised! It definitely could have been a good thing, however, although it first seemed dust was being blown off of the old restrictions and we were stepping into the 21st century, we were actually taking quite a few steps back. So the fight shifted from an attempt to gain more rights into a battle to simply keep the rights we did have.

On May 2, 2007, the Board of Regents approved a final revision of the Free Expression Policy. That would have never happened without all of the people on this campus who spoke up.

So here’s what we did: