Editorial didn’t go far enough

Last week, an editorial called for increased state funding for Northern Kentucky University, but the solution given was inadequate. If you call your state representatives, such as Sal Santoro or Addia Wuchner, and tell them you want more funding, all they will tell you is that they agree.

The problem is not your representation; the problem is the equation. Educational funding is like the good ole’ boy system. The University of Kentucky and University of Louisville have been around forever, so of course they must get the biggest chunk of the pie. Small schools like NKU have to stand by and beg for scraps. Every year UK receives over $10,000 more per student than NKU in state funding.

How can the state justify this? They don’t have to. Most students don’t know and don’t put forth the effort to change the system. That is the key.

Instead of begging for more scraps every year, why not march down to Frankfort and let the entire capital know that you are worth as much as a UK student? Call your reps and tell them we need a change in the system of funding.

But don’t stop there! Call every person you know and let them know what is going on and get them to help. Go to class and brainstorm with professors on ways to change this problem. Use the Web to gain support and ideas. Get organizations to support this cause. Keep flooding the capital with e-mails.

And finally, when it comes time for the budget, show up with more than 20 people. That’s right. The last time this crisis arrived, I was there with about 20 people who were more interested in getting pictures taken than in taking action.

Don’t keep making this mistake. Get organized and get ready. If you don’t, you will be reading this article again when you’re an alumnus and wondering what more you could have done.

Shaun Fugate NKU Alumnus ’07, political science